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 I DO 

A healing work that is done through a powerful subtle energy by using a brain frequency about 8hz, known as theta brainwave. It is a gentle yet powerful healing method, completely safe (there is a full cleaning and protecting process before and after each sessions) and fully confidential.


A session lasts usually about an hour and a half. It has a reading your energy and situation part as well as a question answer part.  It is a very gentle yet effective type of healing, helping you to find the answers to your questions. I use kinesiology techniques as well during a session when it is needed. Since all is done on a very deep level of your and my consciousness, the routes of problems are being reflected on easily, as well as being eliminated. Since I work with energy, a healing session  can be done through Skype or Facebook messenger in case we are not in the same location, or you feel like do so this way. 


getting out of all kinds of confusion // clearing life blockages // finding your life purpose // coming out of sickness and any physical or mental problems // relationship issues // understanding your pets // understanding your plants //  present past and future reading // dealing with grief, anger, pain, sadness // dealing with work related problems and questions // dealing with addictions // finding the route problem of  mental or physical disabilities // accepting death and letting go // dealing with abuse..

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