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It takes about 30-40 days to change any habit. It is doable please be patient. 

Say no to aerosol cans, body sprays, cleaning products that are not made from natural ingredients, artificial colourings, artificial scents, E numbers on products, PALM OIL, plastic, junk food, sugar, white flour, all kinds of processed and canned food, unnecessary buying/storing of food, objects, cars and clothes, products that would give you a short thrill and quick fix but have a massive damage on you and on all of the other human beings, animals, plants, lands and the entire universe. 

Try to make your own food if that is not entirely possible buy it from local farmers and only locally grown food. Eat less meat. Consume less. Live with as less objects as possible. Make your own cleaning lotions, potions, oils etc. It is very easy to do. The internet is full of information on these topics. Get involved. We are all in this together. :) 


Go out talk about these to others, most of us are already involved with the consciousness shift and you will find out that more people are similar to you than you thought.


Look around your neighbourhood and see what you can do locally. I chose to clean up a gorge that is just next to where I live with the help of the people who live around the same area. There is usually a help from the local authorities but if not you can still do it involving your community in it. Only this way bit by bit changing the small things of everyday we can make a big change on the whole. Finding our inner strength first, working on our soul purpose, our unresolved issues with ourselves and then we can move on to the reserving the natural state of the environment we are surrounded by. We are made of habits and patterns and changing them for the better is not that hard at all. Just start with one at a time. 

Savour the Inhale & Exhale from Sunrise to Sunset

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