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Yoga Classes

Last about 1.5hours that includes meditation (silent sitting or laying down) with singing bowls, breathing technics, warm up exercises,  surya namaskar (known as sun salutation), asanas.

Classes can be varied according to the actual groups wish and energy as it is a gathering that we do altogether as a one single unit. 


Individual Healing session
Healing can be done both through skype / facebook messenger and in person. As it is an energy work, during a session you don't necessarily need to be there physically. It is up to you which method you choose both are working equally the same. 

Clearing your home, office space, or land from negative energies

For more info on this please write me via the contact page, prices and length of time depends on the places and locations. 

 Locations for yoga and healing

All are in Budapest in the 2nd and 6th districts

Podmaniczky u. 75. 1064

Csengery utca 64. 1.em 6, 1067

Szegfu u. 2 1028

Please note that for information on prices, availability questions and booking you need to contact me 

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