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is about surrender to our own soul and body.. about mastering that looking inward and mastering to love and accept ourselves the way we are, yet willing to make beautiful small steps towards our real inner side towards of who we really are. While we sink in to the various yoga postures we are listening to our body and gently moving it according to our present mood and accepting the mood whatever it is. By this with each posture and class we can move closer to accepting of who we are. 

A fragment of Swami Shantiprasad's wisdom that beautifully describes the science of yoga:

"..The reality is what it is. And is unalterable and it continue to unravel all the time according to the time and placement of the individual. However, human beings continue to compare with their own created dreams with the reality and suffer the falling of their own created fantasies and dreams. In this process, the cellular chemistry changes drastically and it creates a new condition which is not conducive for healthy living. The cells gradually cannot work properly and become week. To purify the cells the basic requirement is to suspend the activities of the conscious mind. There comes the relevance of Yoga." 

I have learnt traditional yoga (and received my yoga teacher certificate) from Swami Shantiprasad and his highly skilled team in South West India, the location where yoga was originally created. I also have a violin teacher and performer degree along with a few other (digital media production, fashion design, healing) degrees and certificates . My various studies and a nonstop searching for answers all led me to this path where I am right now, a path to help and give through sound, listening, consciously working with energy frequencies and art. 

Systems of yoga 

There are many different Yoga paths and Yoga styles which come under five different areas:

1. The Yoga path of wisdom:
Realization through self inquiry
2. The Yoga path of devotion:
Realization through self surrender
3. The dynamic Yoga path:
Realization through sacrifice of breath
Realization through establishing harmony between body and mind
Realization through the sound of breath
Realization through union of Shiva (consciousness) and Sakthi (awareness) 

4. The Yoga path of action: 

Realization through selfless action 

5. The integral path employing all 4:
Realization through dynamic practice of Yama (restraint), Niyama (observances), Asanas (postures), Pranayama (control of vital force), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyanam (meditation) and Samadhi (integration)
also this Royal Yoga path employs higher techniques of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriyas and Mudras.

The 'systems of yoga' is retrieved from http://schoolofsanthi.com/science_of_yoga.php


The healing I do is taking place on the "Theta" wavelength of the brain. It is a known brain frequency amongst the alpha, beta, delta and gamma. When consciously being on this wavelength it can help effectively work on and solve various problems that are bothering us and make us feel unbalanced. During a healing session we delve into the subconscious and resolve the roots of problems by gathering traumatic memories and informations that we might do not know about. We all have imprints of our story stored in our physical existence and since it is vibrating energy on a certain frequency, it can be retuned and harmonized.  Here is a little bit of explanation how energy works:

We are made up of pure energy that manifests as vibration and then manifests as atoms and then as cells and then as body. To translate this pure energy into feelings, and describe this feeling in a word it would be love. Love resonates on a certain frequency and this frequency is the original state of our human existence as well as finely tuned in and  in pure harmony with the planet and universe we live in. 

Every other frequency that is different from this, is a distorted one, and a direct result of the reaction to other non love frequencies that are out there and being circulated by humans and man made things. When we work on ourselves through alternative healing (by get in touch with our own intuition, sounds, breath, by conscious exercise of the body-mind, be with nature {that has a pure unaltered frequency} and listening to natures knowledge, by praying, meditating, muscle or bio resonance feedback etc..) 

then we are increasing the frequency of our own vibration and therefore we are changing the distorted frequencies of our body back to the original pure frequency state. The side effects of this process are the healing of the body, mind and soul from pain, also the renewing the quality of relationships with all beings and things around us. Shortly put, as we change inside this reflects to and affects the outside and so our known outside world changes too. The further result is a positive change that appears immediately in the collective consciousness of the world. 

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